How The Real Housewives of Orange County Make Money

Yes, the Real Housewives of Orange County get an estimated $30,000 – $100,000 per episode for the now seventh installment of Bravo’s hit TV show — but have you ever found yourself wondering how these ladies make money in the real world? Let’s take a look at how how these SoCAL mommas bring home the bacon. All images property of Bravo TV.

Gretchen RossiGretchen Rossi: Income, Salary, Net Worth

Gretchen has taken her stint on reality TV and turned it into a growing line of cosmetic, handbak, clothing, and other “lifestyle” items with her eyes set on meeting (or beating) Jessica Simpson’s estimated $600 million line of similar products.

How Gretchen Rossi Makes Money

Prices for the Gretchen Christine cosmetic line range from $10 to $40 and include the staples such as foundation and concealer. Prices for the Gretchen Christine Handbag Line range from $129 to $279 with several dozen available styles.

To top it all off, her website sells other various items such as pictures, autographs, and other fan favorites. She even has a single titled “Nothing Without You” available on iTunes.

Gretchen Rossi Income

It is safe to assume that Gretchen is one of the higher paid cast members on RHOC putting her estimates salary just for the show alone at around $1 million per season. Other income from her product line, speaking engagements, and appearances are not reported.

Tamra BarneyTamra Barney: Income, Salary, Net Worth

Tamra’s life has had several ups and downs over the past couple of years, and we wish her the best going forward. In terms of income, here is what we were able to gather about this Real Housewife.

How Tamra Barney Makes Money

Tamra has put her name to a skin-care line by the name of Ambe. It is not clear whether or not Tamra owns the Ambe Skin Care line or simply endorses it. When you visit her official website, the skin care link is currently one of the only working links.

Tamra Barney Income

Since part of the RHOC salary is determined by “screen time” it is a safe bet that Tamra is also one of the higher paid Real Housewives of Orange County cast members. This would put her salary at or around $1 million per season.

From there, we didn’t find any ancillary business ventures aside from speaking engagements and product endorsements. Currently, it looks like the majority of Tamra’s income comes from her reality TV salary.

Vicki GunvalsonVicki Gunvalson: Income, Salary, Net Worth

As far as we know, Vicki is the only housewife out of this cast that actually had their own business before reality TV stardom. As any business owner can attest, running a business is no small feat and is never easy! Since Vicki has continued to manage both aspects to her professional life, let’s take a look at what exactly she does.

How Vicki Gunvalson Makes Money

Vicki’s main source of income prior to her spot on RHOC was selling insurance and financial services through her company COTO Insurance. With products ranging from auto, health, and life insurance to annuities, retirement planning, and more, selling insurance and financial products can be a very lucrative business when done right. Vicki also has a book out called More Than A Housewife, and she also endorses an eyelash stimulator product called Cilea.

Vicki Gunvalson Income

Interestingly enough, Vicki’s income from Real Housewives is most likely less than her income from COTO. With several agents working for her (and Vicki earning residuals on their work), her income from COTO is very easily in low seven figures annually. Add to that her estimated $60,000 to $90,000 per episode salary for RHOC, and you’ve got one money-making housewife!

Alexis BellinoAlexis Bellino: Income, Salary, Net Worth

Alexis joined the cast in Season 5 and is currently a stay-at-home mom to children James, Melania, and Mackenna.

How Alexis Bellino Makes Money

It’s important to note that we are not “ranking” these ladies by how much money they make or whether or not they chose to stay home and raise their kids. Some women, like Alexis, feel it is important to stay at home to raise their kids, and for all the stay-at-home parents out there, this is perhaps one of the most challenging (and unrecognized) jobs in the world! Having said that, Alexis’ professional life is moving her into an upcoming fashion line, and she also currently owns a hotel (most likely with her husband Jim) called Invogue Laguna Beach.

Alexis Bellino Income

With average nightly rates at her boutique hotel running approximately $1095/night, this private business is most likely bringing in some incremental revenue. Hotels can be a money pit if not managed well, however there is no doubt the notoriety of the show will help drive some traffic to this Laguna Beach property. Alexis’ income from RHOC most likely puts her somewhere in the middle to upper middle in terms of salary, and at the $40,000 – $75,000 range, that’s not too bad. Finally, with a few small endorsement deals listed on her website, Alexis’ business dealings are starting to expand.

Peggy TanousPeggy Tanous: Income, Salary, Net Worth

Debuting in Season 6, Peggy Tanous has been a stay-at-home mom for the past few years but is now making a push to get back into modeling.

How Peggy Tanous Makes Money

Aside from a few endorsements on her website Peggy’s current money-making endeavors include being the “spokesmodel” for her husbands technology website MyVirtualSalesperson.com. Their site provides the technology for website owners to have those people who pop on the screen and start talking to you.

Peggy Tanous Income

It appears that the vast majority of Peggy’s current income comes from her appearances on RHOC. Since she is one of the newcomers, this most likely puts her salary in the $15,000 to $30,000 range per episode.

Fernanda RochaFernanda Rocha: Income, Salary, Net Worth

Fernanda Rocha is set to be a semi-regular guest on this upcoming season of Real Housewives of Orange County. From owning a fitness studio to her video series titled the Brazilian Booty Workout, here’s a little more information on Fernanda Rocha’s money-making ventures.

How Fernanda Rocha Makes Money

Fernanda is owner of Art of Laguna Fitness & Spa which according to their website is the only gym in Laguna that is linked to a state-the-art spa. Membership at The Art of Fitness runs about $65/month with classes paid for separately. Fernanda is also the creator of the Brazilian Booty Workout Volume 1 which you can purchase for $20 through her site.

Fernanda Rocha Income

Since Fernanda’s Fitness Studio and Spa is a private company, there is no available data regarding income. It is a safe bet that in posh Laguna Beach a place like that could easily pull in a few hundred thousand or more per year. Due to her status as a guest star on RHOC, her salary is probably in the $5,000 – $15,000 range per episode.

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